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Simple Guidelines for Veggie Members Application Process

Crayonhouse has already many Japanese and a growing number of foreign Veggies Members. We have prepared English documents for current and future foreign members and other services.

Veggies Members will receive together with their weekly box a Japanese catalog with many natural and organic products. We have selected a number of products which may be of interest to foreign customers and prepared a list in English (sent together with the box).
Please choose first the box “Membership Application” or “Trial Order” and proceed !

Trial Order: 

Trial orders and payment can be made via the Internet and are delivered directly from/by Crayonhouse.
The fixed/minimum period for trial orders is 4 weeks.
For trial orders you can also choose the delivery day. Please indicate your requested day in the remarks box on the form.

Regular Veggies Membership:
Delivery company (currently Yamato) / Yamato usually delivers from Monday to Friday and will put a notice in your post box if nobody is at home. The actual delivery to your home will be from Tuesday to Saturday.
Application process – step by step

1) Fill in the application from with payment system (by bank or post office). Please write (in the comments box) the day of the first box to be delivered to your home. You may also indicate your preferred time (morning, afternoon, evening).
2) Crayonhouse will send you information and documents for payment procedures.
3) Please send the form with confirmation stamp/seal to Crayonhouse.
4) After receiving your letter, Crayonhouse will call you and confirm the delivery day. If you do not understand Japanese, we can also handle this by mail/phone in English.
5) The first box will then be delivered to your home as requested.
o The system is flexible. Delivery can be interrupted (for example if you are not home for a week or longer), and the annual membership can also be terminated before it expires by informing Crayonhouse or us.
o The total cost per box (including delivery and tax) is Yen 2,854

●Crayonhouse also offers a wide range of organic food and non-food products at the shop. Many products can also ordered via the Internet in Japanese.

Picture books:
Organic Town (cosmetics, cotton goods, etc.):
Organic Foods:

Crayonhouse Veggies Member <Q&A>

Q1 What can I order and when can I receive it?
You will receive the vegetables set you have chosen from among the three sets (Member Price: 2855 Yen, tax & delivery cost included) on the specified delivery date.
It will also be delivered together other products which you may have ordered.

Q2 The order must be for every week?
No. If you contact us in advance, you can also interrupt the delivery. There is also an option for delivery two times a month (1st and 3rd week or 2nd and 4th week).

Q3 What is the shipping cost?
Ordered products will be boxed depending on the temperature characteristics of the products (at room temperature, chilled, frozen), and delivered by Yamato courier service. Additional orders of the same temperature range as vegetables sets are packed together without additional delivery charges. If you have ordered products of a different temperature range, additional 540 yen (tax included) are charged for each temperature range. For orders of more than 7560 yen (tax included) no delivery fees are charged.
Q4 Can you choose delivery of the day and time?
You can choose delivery from Tuesday to Saturday during the following times:
Morning: between 9:00-12:00, afternoon: 12:00-14:00, 14:00-16:00, 16:00-18:00, evening: 18-20:00, 20:00-21:00.